Wireless House Alarm

There has been much debate as to whether the hardwired or wireless house alarm is the most reliable. If you are looking for maximum home security with minimum hassle and costs, make your house alarm system wireless. When it comes to an efficient, affordable and easily-maintained house alarm, wireless beats hardwired easily. While the hardwired option has traditionally been viewed as the most reliable, that argument no longer stands against today’s modern technology.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits wireless house alarms, then please continue to read this handy wireless alarm guide we have put together. Wireless house alarm systems have the following advantages over a hardwired alarm system:

  • Because wireless alarms use more sophisticated technology, they are compatible with most of your other home security systems, such as your smoke detection system, cctv or even trip wires.
  • And if they aren’t compatible and you want to use them in conjunction, the beauty of the wireless security system is that it can be easily upgraded. Unlike their hardwired counterparts, there is no need for uprooting floorboards or drilling holes whenever you want to change your security system.
  • However, if you wish to be free of the hassle of changing your home security system, a wireless burglar alarm can last a very long time. An old argument in favour of hardwired alarms was that they last longer. In 2015, if you invest in the right wireless alarm, they will last 10-15 years. We supply a range of high quality, durable wireless intruder alarms to suit every home.
  • You can benefit from a 50% increased range with wireless home alarm systems. This is ideal if you would like to protect your outbuildings, sheds or detached garages.
  • A wireless house alarm system is incredibly easy to monitor and repair, for you and for alarm installers. For us, with a wireless alarm we can easily identify and  resolve any problems with your alarm immediately. The alarm will also inform you when the batteries need changing, this is much more convenient than a faulty hardwired alarm system, which you may not even realise is in need of repair until too late.
  • Wireless alarms can even be safer than hardwired alarms! This is because hardwired alarms need to be connected to a telephone wire. It is not unheard of for a criminal or thief to cut visible telephone wires in order to gain unnoticed entry into your property. A burglar could not intervene with your wireless alarm’s reception and for that reason they are certainly more reliable.

We can offer you a fast, reliable and affordable service when it comes to wireless house alarms. Choosing a wireless alarm system can be tedious. You could trawl through wireless house alarm reviews to no avail. Here at Alarms by CCTV, we are experts in the field of security. We have expertise and years of experience on hand to help you make an informed choice that is perfect for your home. We know that protecting your home and your family are the most important things to you. That’s why your security is our top priority. Our service is one you can trust to supply only the best and most secure alarm and security systems. If you would like free advice, please don’t hesitate to ask our team of expert security consultants. Just contact us today.

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