Monitored Alarm Systems

A monitored alarm system can offer you the ultimate sense of safety and security. They are perfect for both residential and commercial properties which are most likely to be targeted by burglars; and homes that are often unfrequented, especially in the summertime, when burglars are looking for properties that are obviously vacated by their holiday-making homeowners.

What exactly is a monitored alarm system and what are the benefits, you might be asking? A monitored alarm system is an alarm that can be installed on residential, commercial or industrial property and is connected at implementation to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) who will monitor your alarm and its activity 24 hours a day. You will have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription for this service and the price will depend upon your contract type.

There are three main contract types:

  1. The alarm receiving centre (ARC) themselves will take action upon an alarm being triggered, as you have chosen for them to be a “keyholder”. They will contact the household and take action depending upon whether or not there is an answer.
  1. With the second type of contract, the ARC will contact two nominated “keyholders” (usually friends, family, or a trusted neighbour) if your alarm is triggered and there is no answer at the household.
  1. The third type of contract is with the ARC and the police, who will give your alarm a police Unique Reference Number (URN). Upon the triggering of your alarm, your security company will contact the police and inform them of a potential intruder. This does not guarantee police presence as they will prioritise emergencies. Police require there to be two designated keyholders who know how to operate the alarm, live within 20 minutes of your property, and have access to a vehicle.

Only monitored alarm systems installed in accordance with British Standards PD6662 and being monitored by a security company certified by an independent inspectorate organisation will receive police attendance.

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