Leeds burglar jailed for three years

A 35-year-old Leeds grandfather has been jailed for over three years after his blood was found on a window of a house he burgled.

Repeat offender Michael Walsh broke in to the house on Hough Lane, Bramley, September 29, while the owners were out for the day. Walsh made off with more than £500 worth of items, including a laptop, a television and jewellery, but he was caught after his blood was found on one of the property’s windows. Walsh pleaded guilty to burglary in Leeds Crown Court and also to handling stolen goods taken on from a house on a different burglary.

205192088At the time of the offence, drug addict Walsh was out of prison on license after committing a burglary in 2013. Walsh, of Fairfield Crescent, Bramley, was also convicted of burglary in 2000, 2003 and 2010, when he was jailed for two-and-a-half-years.

Leeds Crown Court heard how Walsh returned to drug use after being released from prison but that he has since become a grandfather and therefore wants to turn his life around. Judge Tom Bayliss QC told Walsh: “You plainly suffer from drug addiction and it is clear to me that you are burgling to feed that addiction.” Judge Bayliss sentenced Walsh to three-years-and-four-months imprisonment.

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