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Intruder alarms are designed to detect and react to uninvited house guests. As a leading UK provider of intruder alarm installations, we can offer you professional advice from one of our nationwide installers. We will put you into contact with one of our certified installation companies who will advise you and lead your through the process.

What is the difference between a burglar alarm and an intruder alarm?

In reality there is no difference between a burglar alarm and an intruder alarm; they are two terms used to describe the same thing and are therefore interchangeable. However, the term intruder alarm can often specify more advanced types of burglar alarms that offer extra security protection.

A “no-frills” intruder alarm provides only basic “bells-only” protection, while a state-of-the-art intruder alarm can offer added protection and be combined with the following technologies:

  • Immediate audio response system – allows your alarm receiving centre (ARC) to listen-in using speaker phone technology and communicate with the homeowner or intruder upon a trigger alert.
  • Access control system – initiates pre-programmed actions (such as electrical door locking) upon intruder alarm being triggered; enables automated light control for times when you are away from home.
  • Closed-circuit television surveillance system – filming can be programmed to begin once the intruder alarm has been triggered. Your ARC can then use this system to gain video verification of an intruder.
  • Computer/mobile monitoring and control system – allows remote monitoring and controlling from a computer or mobile device.

An important feature of intruder/burglar alarms is the panic button, which are often associated with banks and shops that have to secure themselves against armed raids. However, these panic buttons also offer homeowners and business owners extra security in the case of an intruder entering the premises while people are present. Panic buttons can be placed around your property and are connected to the control panel via wireless or wired technology.

There are three main types of intruder alarms:

  • Bells-only/audible alarm – emits a loud siren noise when triggered but no one is remotely contacted. This is the cheapest and most basic intruder alarm system and is consequently the least effective.
  • Speech dialler alarm/GSM (wirless) alarm – property owner and predetermined keyholders are automatically contacted and alerted to a potential intruder.
  • Monitored alarm – alarm activity is monitored 24 hours a day by an alarm receiving centre (ARC) who will either contact the property owner and keyholders; attend to the property themselves; or contact the police, depending upon the contract type. This intruder alarm system is the most costly but it offers unequalled peace of mind.

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