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Coming home to find your door wide open or walking downstairs to the sight of your whole house upturned can be a traumatic experience. 50% of burglaries happen at night, when you and family are most vulnerable. While the value of what was stolen may be pretty high, the value is higher still when it comes to property of sentimental value – and there can simply be no value assigned to your family’s safety and peace of mind. Shocking statistics tell us that 1 in 4 victims of burglary have their homes broken into more than once. An important part of getting over this time of distress is to ensure a future break-in never happens. Our sophisticated home burglar alarm system is what you need to reassure yourself and your loved ones of your safety and security.

Most burglar alarms are installed too late. Prevent this kind of scenario from happening to your home by installing a home burglar alarms system today. We provide our clients with only the safest and most sophisticated home security burglar alarms and home alarm installation. Our service is one you can trust to give you complete peace of mind.

Wireless Home Burglar Alarm Systems

While hardwired alarms are generally thought to be safer and more secure than wireless home burglar alarm systems, wireless alarms have advanced far in technology in recent years and are now considered by some to be on par with their hardwired counterparts. Wireless may be the choice for you if you have wooden floors or have just decorated, as installation of a hardwired burglar alarm is often less disruptive. Whichever your preference, we can supply both wireless and hardwired alarm systems.

Audible-Only Burglar Alarms

An audible-only alarm is the perfect basic way to secure your home. The external and internal sirens are triggered by an infrared or dual technology sensor. If left activated, the sirens will go off for a preset time, usually around 20 minutes, until the alarm resets itself. If you live in a quiet neighbourhood or cul-de-sac, this might be the option for your home.

Monitored or Police Response Monitored Alarms

An audible-only burglar alarm system can be limited – if you live in a rural area where people may not hear your alarm, for example. Often, neighbours assume that the sound of a house alarm is a false alarm. We can offer you two monitored alarm options to secure the safety of your home and family. The first option is a police-response monitored alarm – this means that when the alarm is triggered, not only are the sirens activated, the police are contacted. This is, without the doubt, the most secure and foolproof way to safeguard your home. If you would prefer, you could also opt for the second option. This is a keyholder-response alarm, which is the same as a police-response monitored alarm, except in the event of a break in or activation of the sensors, we contact you or a keyholder of your choice.

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