Greater Manchester shotgun burglars jailed in court

A pair of burglars have been jailed for a total of six years and nine months for stealing eight shotguns

A pair of burglars have been handed jail sentences in Liverpool Crown Court for breaking into the home of a pensioner in Greater Manchester.

The two culprits targeted the 76-year-old victim after building a friendship with the unsuspecting elderly man. Amanda Morris, 45, of Leigh, befriended the victim and visited him at his home. Over a period of time, she found out the secure location of the victim’s shotgun collection and where he kept the key.

The pensioner was licensed to keep firearms and had been registered with the local police force since 1991. He possessed a number of shotguns, eight of which were stolen by Amanda Morris and her accomplice Muhammed Ahmed, 25, of Southport, on December 10 last year.

Burglars jailed for stealing eight shotguns

Lindon Grove in Leigh where the burglary took place

Morris knew the victim was out at a doctors appointment and had a key to enter his flat, situated in Leigh, Greater Manchester. Ahmed made the journey from Southport to participate in the burglary.

Detective Sergeant Lee Shaw said the most worrying aspect of this burglary incident is that the shotguns have not yet been recovered and are probably now on the streets.

Morris pleaded guilty to burglary and was jailed for five years. Her accomplice also pleaded guilty and was given a 21-months jail sentence.

Detective Sergeant Lee Shaw commented on the crime: “It is no coincidence that Morris started a relationship with the victim just a couple of weeks before carrying out the burglary, allowing her even closer access to his life so she could steal his firearms while he was out of the way.”

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