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Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms Alarm Installation
Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms Alarm Installation
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#1 for Intruder Alarms in Sheffield

" Don't post on Social Media websites that you are going away on holiday and only post your holiday snaps when you arrive back home." " Fix a letterbox cage on the inside of your door for your letters to drop in to. This will prevent burglars from using your letterbox as a way to reach for door keys."

Recent crime stats for Sheffield

Burglaries in Sheffield Fall to Their Lowest Level in 9 Years Burglaries in Sheffield have dropped to their lowest level in 9 years, however, the city still encounters over 200 burglaries a month. 211 burglaries occurred in the city in April 2015, but this number is the lowest Sheffield has seen since 2006. Local Police believe that improved home security systems and people in general being more alert, are some of the reasons for the lower number of burglaries in the city. From 2011-14, the average number of burglaries in Sheffield in the month of April was 282, compared to 211 in the same month in 2015, meaning around 71 less homes were burgled.
Top Tips for Student Safety To Help Prevent Burglary Even though the number of student burglaries has fallen over recent years, Sheffield is very popular with students and you are still at risk of being targeted by burglars. Students tend to own numerous high value items, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets and student accommodation may not always have the best deterrents in place, such as security lighting or a burglar alarm. And with all the hustle and bustle of house mates coming and going, studying and socialising, sometimes the last thing on a students mind is how to stay safe. Here are a few helpful tips to keep safe:
  • Keep all valuable items, such as laptops and TV's, out of sight from windows, doors and letterboxes.
  • Leave lights on at night if you are going to be out to make it look occupied and leave a radio on.
  • Make sure you lock all windows and doors when you go out.
  • Keep the door locked when you are at home and take the key out of the lock and leave it out of sight.
  • If you buy a new TV or laptop, don't leave the empty packaging outside next to the bin - remember burglars are opportunists!
  • If you do have an alarm, make sure you use it and that it's working properly - if not, speak to your landlord.
  • Mark your valuables with an ultraviolet pen with your Student ID Number and the University name. They are not expensive to buy and some Student Unions give them out for free.

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