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Burglar Alarm Control PanelMonitored Alarms are your number one choice of you’re looking to purchase and install a new security system or burglar alarm in Peterborough, Huntingdon, Kings Lynn, Stamford or anywhere else in the PE postcode area. Covering both commercial and domestic properties, we have a full range of security alarm systems, from simple bells only systems to advanced monitored alarm systems in which the police are notified of any intruder to your property within seconds.

With a fully qualified and experienced installation and servicing team based in Peterborough and the surrounding areas, you’ll get the alarm system that is perfect for your requirements installed by a local company with your best interests at heart.

Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms Alarm Installation
Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms Alarm Installation
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#1 for Intruder Alarms in Peterborough

Is your property properly protected? 6 simple ways to keep your property in Peterborough safe and secure: ● Ensure that you have 5 lever deadlocks on all your external doors. Combine this with locks that comply with the British Standard BS 3621:2004 and you’ll have an excellent standard of door security as recommended by the government’s Home Office department. ● Keep ladders locked away indoors if possible. Burglars like to be inconspicuous so don’t carry their own ladders, which is why they like to use yours! Houses that have easily accessible ladders are at a much higher risk of becoming a victim of crime. ● Talk and get to know your local postman, milkman or neighbour that are out and about the street early in the morning. If you’re going away and leaving your house empty, they can keep a special eye on your house at the times it is most vulnerable. ● If you have a landline telephone, then never, ever say that you are out. This is an open invitation to a burglar. Always say that you are not available, as this doesn’t expressly highlight that your house is vacant, which is very appealing to the potential burglar or intruder. ● It’s always good practice to lock your front door even if you are in the house, but whenever you do lock your door from the inside, always take the key out of the lock and move it away from any doors or windows. Burglars can use tools to hook your keys through an open window or your letterbox and simply let themselves in. ● AND FINALLY… treat you and your property in Peterborough to a new burglar alarm. Getting a suitable burglar alarm will greatly reduce your chances of getting burgled and you can enjoy peace of mind that you are being protected, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Using ourselves, you’ll enjoy the comprehensive support of our experienced customer service team and locally based experienced alarm engineers, who will ensure that you have the right alarm for you, both in terms of features and budget. Don’t let yourself become the next crime statistic in Peterborough!

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Peterborough PhotoGet a FREE quote on a new burglar alarm on 0800 511 8410 Getting the right burglar alarm for your property is both easier and less costly than you may think. The first step is to complete our contact form. Once we have received this, we’ll have a comprehensive quote for you within 24 hours. We’re here to understand what your needs and requirements are and then come up with a security system that meets every one of those requirements and needs. We’ll look at alarm only systems, dialler systems as well as alarm systems that are monitored and notify the police as soon as the alarm is activated.

Burglar Alarms & Home Alarm Systems installed in Peterborough

We’ll also work within your budgetary requirements to, ensuring that you get the most suitable and very best burglar alarm system that your budget allows. All of this is done open, honestly and with the maximum amount of transparency. Complete the quote form now to take the first step towards protecting your property in Peterborough with a new burglar alarm system.

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