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We provide a professional and reliable burglar alarm installation service throughout Manchester for home owners and all types of businesses – large or small. Our expert team will design and install a home alarm security system that works specifically to your requirements.

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Alarms ManchesterWe are one of the leading specialists in burglar alarm installation throughout Manchester. We have already helped thousands of customers in and around Manchester to feel safe and protected – so let us to do the same for you!

Year after year, crime studies reveal that the simple presence of a burglar alarm on your property does help to deter burglars from breaking into your home or business premises. Protecting and keeping your family or work staff safe is incredibly important to you and is as equally important to us too!

Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms Alarm Installation
Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms Alarm Installation
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Help Each Other - Get to Know Your Neighbours
  • Get to know the next door neighbours
  • Build up a friendship to establish trust
  • Agree to watch each other's properties
  • Let a neighbour know if you are going on holiday and ask if they can close the curtains and put on lights
  • Ask if they could park their car on your driveway occasionally and return the favour when necessary
  • Work together to keep hedges trimmed and gates and fences in good condition
  • Pick up each other's letters and newspapers from behind the door if on holiday
  • Arrange for each other to cut the grass if away from home
  • Make sure your burglar alarm is working and inform the neighbours about how it works
If you do notice any suspicious activity, call the Police immediately.

Recent crime stats for Manchester

Burglaries in South Manchester Reduced by Over a Third Since Operation Ark started in August 2014, the South of Manchester has seen 720 less burglaries in the area. The operation was launched to target crime in Burnage, Fallowfield, Old Moat and Withington, all classed as 'hotspot' areas. The reduction in burglaries has been the result of old-fashioned policing; placing a team of 14 committed officers on the ground around the four named places. The team used their time providing important crime prevention advice, talking to known offenders to collect information and by visiting victims of crime. The 'Koper Curve' theory was used by the 14 strong team, which believed that by placing more police on the streets and by becoming a part of the community, the results will be a reduction in crime. Due to the success of Operation Ark, the good work is set to continue in the hope of reducing burglaries throughout the region. The police have been asked to maintain the results by creating a plan using their existing staff.
The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme was first set up in the UK in 1982, after a similar scheme in Chicago, USA proved positive. The scheme spread throughout the UK and it is now believed that over 3.5 million households are now a part of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. The scheme is a partnership that brings different groups of people together to help create a safer neighbourhood. The Local Authorities safety departments, the police, voluntary organisations and local families and individuals join together to try and make their neighbourhood a safer place to live. The aim of the scheme is to help each other and to help people understand how to protect their properties and loved ones and to lower the fear that people have about crime in their neighbourhood. The group work on improving home security, being aware of suspicious activity and reporting it to the police, staying vigilant and generally looking out for each other to make the community a better place to live.

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