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Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms Alarm Installation
Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms Alarm Installation
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Our Burglary Prevention Tips For Staying Safe
  • Lock all windows and doors before you go out
  • Keep doors locked whilst you are at home and only open windows if you are in that room
  • Leave lights and the radio on when you go out
  • Don't discuss travel plans on social media websites
  • Invest in outdoor security lighting around your property
  • Remember to cancel deliveries such as newspapers, or milk, before you go away on holiday
  • Befriend trustworthy neighbours and look out for each other's property
  • Keep garden sheds and garages locked
  • Store and secure bicycles, garden tools etc.. in locked sheds and garages
  • Keep all valuables out of sight
  • Make sure all gates are kept closed and keep boundaries, such as hedges, no more than one metre high to allow for clearer visibilty
  • Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
  • Have installed a top quality burglar alarm system - from us!!

Recent crime stats for Bradford

The True Impact of a Burglary "Burglars Know The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing" This is a new message from a recent burglary campaign by West Yorkshire Police - hoping it will make homeowners really think about the emotional and financial costs of a break-in. Up to March 2015, house burglaries were down by over 600 in West Yorkshire, compared to the year before and the police in the area are hard at work trying to repeat this positive result. Police Officers in West Yorkshire deal with house break-in's every day and see first hand the devasting effect it has on a family or individual. The true cost of a break-in isn't only having to deal with the burglary itself and the insurance claim, it can leave victims feeling very angry, upset about the loss of personal items and scared of being in their own home. Burglars enter your home knowing exactly what price they can get for a second-hand camera, laptop, or tablet but they never consider the value that people put on feeling safe and secure behind their own front door. Also to bear in mind, if a camera, mobile phone or laptop, or other such items are stolen, they can be replaced BUT if you haven't backed them up onto another storage device, then all your personal photos etc.. may be lost.
Convicted Burglars Enlisted by Police to Help Combat Burglary in Bradford The police have enlisted the help of convicted criminals to assist them in the fight against burglary in Bradford. West Yorkshire Police have been working alongside the offenders to gain helpful advice from the people who know best, so that information gathered can be passed on to homeowners, who can then take the necessary preventative steps to make their homes safer and less attractive to intruders. The number of burglaries in the area has gone down, with 269 less vicitms over a twelve month period, up to the end of March 2015. The police have reported that a quarter of burglaries in West Yorkshire were as a result of the intruder entering people's homes through an open window or unlocked door. Crime Prevention Officers have handed out crime prevention cards, giving homeowners tips and advice on how to keep their property and loved ones safe.

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